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Contact me when you want to be who you were before the world told you who you should be!

Shaman in Newport Beach

The mission of Total Life Care is to provide transformational wellness options for those who are interested in achieving and maintaining balance in their lives. A state of "Ayni", a proper relationship and balance with yourself and all aspects of your life, can be reached through Alternative and Complementary Services, Classes, Retreats, and Sacred Ceremonies offered by Total Life Care.

Shaman Tony Giuffreda

"Committed to spirit and giving. His classes are amazing. His Shaman work is inspired and incredibly helpful. I value his work more than I can say." ~ Susan Ibbetson, Reiki Master

"Dear Reiki Master and Shamanic Practitioner, thank you, thank you for an awesome journey! Thanks for the most wonderful journey. I flew and didn't want to land. Glad we did the crystal grid. It was the best for me so far. Can't wait to go to the group next week. I am so happy. Look forward to taking Reiki II." ~ Lauren Yano, Reiki Practitioner